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We don’t want to be the biggest or the fastest. We want to be the BEST:

We build on personality!

Without a doubt, we are very demanding when it comes to our candidates. Only 10% meet the requirements and will be accepted to our pool.
Training, experience and social qualities are indispensable, as is a high level of adaptability and flexibility. The applicants are carefully selected on the basis of our specially developed system. Staff will only be placed after having discussed the requirement profile in detail with the client, and several interviews with the candidates. It is important that both the chemistry between clients and their staff, and qualifications and competence fit. After all, you spend a lot of time with your private staff.

People aren’t goods, you can’t “store” them.

How do we go about recruiting candidates?
Since we have worked in this industry for many years and have acquired an excellent reputation, we are in the fortunate position to receive applications from qualified candidates. In addition, we work with a well-established network and a great number of recommendations from this industry.

A very small percentage of our staff is recruited via job advertisements – which is something you have probably already tried yourself.

For the reasons named above and for reasons of integrity, we cannot tell you in advance how long it will take to find the requested qualified candidate. However, it goes without saying that we work rapidly and efficiently.

It is not the fastest, but the best path that is the goal. For your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

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